Sunday 23 September

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The Cessna Citation is the most popular private jet in the world:

It has earned this popularity because it enjoys an excellent safety record and offers good comfort at an affordable price. It is ideal for journeys up to four hours. Our cabin allows for up to eight passengers with luggage. So 6 people can travel in comfort with space and has a host of cold beverage facilities including premium champagne and snacks for your pleasure.


The Citation Jet 2 ticks every box, small in size but with outstanding performance, short runways are highly accessible to this small but superior jet, offering increase flexibility and allowing your access to less commercial airports bringing you closed to your desired destinations.


All seats are adjustable in every direction and can even swivel, you have open viewing through the cockpit with the ability to see forward during take off and landing adding to the thrill of flying in a small jet.

Our pilots are always happy to have a chat over their shoulders and point out any landmarks as you fly over them or talk about the celebs they have met.


Baggage Allowance: 74ft³ / 2.09m³
Speed: 478mph / 770kph
Range: 1,680nm / 3,111km